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Added: Sissy Bonnett - Date: We've all heard statements like that, but let's get one thing straight: the only person responsible for a rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse is the perpetrator. It's a difficult subject and one that can be suffered in silence for years and years. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. KRCC's rape crisis center, The Rising Center, is a safe place you can go to be heard and believed, to get the support and care you need, and to try to heal from this awful and heartbreaking experience.

In fact, nearly a million women, men, and children in Kentucky will experience violence or sexual assault this year. Often, people who have survived rape or another act of sexual or intimate violence feel overwhelmed or scared or don't know whom to talk to or how to get the help they need. Sometimes, people don't know what sexual assault is, or they're trying to help someone else who has been assaulted.

That's why we're here. The Rising Center is here to assist survivors, their friends, and family members in getting the resources they need to reclaim their lives following sexual violence. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about rape and sexual violence.

Women looking sex Center Kentucky

Here are some facts you should remember. It was the first center of its kind in the Hazard, KY area.

Women looking sex Center Kentucky

As a visitor to thisyou may already be painfully aware of the physical, emotional, and psychological wounds that are created by rape and sexual abuse. At The Rising Center, we are committed to giving survivors and their loved ones the medical, legal, advocacy, and mental health services needed to begin the healing process.

We are available to provide counseling, crisis, and on-site hospital services 24 hours a day, seven Women looking sex Center Kentucky a week. If you or someone you care about has experienced sexual violence, you are not alone. You may have many questions, but are unsure where to find answers. Survivors, friends, or family members affected by rape can call the hotline:.

Trained professionals provide short-term counseling and long-term psychotherapy on a sliding scale fee basis. Personal support is given to survivors at the hospital and through the legal process. Educational workshops for schools or community groups are available. Specialized training on rape issues is offered to professionals. Get medical attention immediately at a hospital emergency room.

If you think you've been drugged, ask the hospital to take a urine sample so the police can analyze it for any substance used to incapacitate you. You can also come to The Rising Center, and we will help you get the medical attention you need. Do not destroy evidence of the rape by bathing, douching, changing clothes, or rearranging the scene of the rape.

This also includes eating, chewing gum, smoking, drinking, brushing teeth, and gargling. These activities can destroy valuable evidence such as semen, saliva, hairs, and blood. If you have to urinate, collect the urine in a clean jar Women looking sex Center Kentucky a lid and refrigerate the specimen until you can give it to a medical professional. If the evidence is preserved, it can be used in the prosecution of the rapist.

Even if you choose not to have a forensic sexual assault examination, you should see a doctor to be treated for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. If the report is delayed, evidence may still be available.

Do not wash your clothes, sheets, or bedding or dispose of any items associated with the sexual assault. And, again, even if you haven't or can't preserve evidence, you should seek the help and support you need. The Rising Center is here to help and support any and all victims of sexual assault - we do not need proof that a person has been raped in order to provide that assistance.

The Rising Center relies on volunteers to staff all programs. After completing the hour training, Women looking sex Center Kentucky will become a Sexual Assault Counselor, which qualifies you to counsel survivors on the Crisis Line, accompany survivors to the hospital, assist survivors through the legal process, and participate in community education.

A Volunteer Medical Advocate responds to crisis calls from the eight-county Kentucky River area for medical advocacy for victims of sexual assault. This volunteer can:. A legal advocate assists victims of sexual abuse by accompanying them to court hearings, obtaining crime victim's compensation, and assisting with paperwork and support during a court trial.

Program Volunteers assist staff at area festivals, workshops, or health fairs by distributing information to raise public awareness or by assisting staff with preparing for such events, trainings, or educational programs. We're here anytime you need us! Address Morton Blvd. Phone holly. She asked for it. Boys will be boys! You could have fought him off. Men can't be sexually assaulted. She shouldn't have been there in the first place. Did You Know? Rape and sexual abuse are acts of violence and control, using sex as a weapon. It is not motivated by sexual desire.

Women looking sex Center Kentucky

Rape and sexual abuse affect people from every class, age group, and race. Rape has no socioeconomic limits. When you need a safe place to turn, we'll be there. Advocacy Services. Public Education. In-Service Training. Referral Network. Multiple needs of survivors are addressed. If You Are Raped:. Get to a safe place. If you are raped, go to a safe place immediately and get help. Seek Medical Attention Get medical attention immediately at a hospital emergency room. Preserve Evidence Do not destroy evidence of the rape by bathing, douching, changing clothes, or rearranging the scene of the rape.

How Can You Help? Call Us at Volunteer Medical Advocate. This volunteer can: Women looking sex Center Kentucky the victims during the Emergency Room process be supportive to the victim's family or friends by providing information or referrals to other agencies be trained to listen and answer questions about the impact of assault and trauma. Being there to talk to the victims and their families. Counsel survivors on the Crisis Line. Accompany survivors to the hospital. Participate in community action.

Assist in clerical work. And much more!

Women looking sex Center Kentucky

You must: Be at least 20 years of age. Receive three satisfactory reference checks. Agree to and pass a criminal records check. Take and pass a TB skin test and drug screening. Be approved for volunteer work by the agency KRCC. Complete eight hours of continuing education yearly. Volunteer Program Trainings Trainings are held at various times throughout the year.

Women looking sex Center Kentucky

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