Woman wants sex Milwaukee

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She had been dancing all night at an out-of-town strip club and was tired. Her then-boyfriend, whom federal prosecutors have described as a human trafficker, was driving her home to Milwaukee in the early-morning hours. The two began arguing.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

Her boyfriend parked in a wooded area near Vincent High School and dragged her out of the car. As he beat her, he hurled accusations and insults: You don't love me. You're ugly. You're fat. You don't listen to me. She remembers floating, feeling light, Woman wants sex Milwaukee herself lying on the ground and him walking nearby. As she came to, one thought echoed in her mind:. The woman, now 22, is among the estimated hundreds of women and children trafficked in Milwaukee, which has earned a national reputation as a hub of commercial sex exploitation after numerous high-profile prosecutions of pimps.

The woman's former boyfriend, Najee Moore, 24, is awaiting sentencing in federal court after pleading guilty last year to six charges related to sex trafficking. A federal case also is pending against Moore's father, David Moore47, who prosecutors say was a pimp and taught his son how to sexually exploit women and girls. David Moore is scheduled for trial in November. The woman also was convicted of one felony racketeering charge in federal court, though prosecutors and a judge acknowledged she was manipulated and didn't profit in the scheme. Experts sometimes compare traffickers to cult leaders for the ways they indoctrinate those they exploit.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

That was the Woman wants sex Milwaukee for the year-old woman, who told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she wants to share her story to give hope to victims and to inform the public about the problem. She requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. The Journal Sentinel, which typically does not identify victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, is referring to the woman by her middle initial, J. The following is based on interviews with J and records from law enforcement and federal and state courts. She was at a family friend's house when a relative asked her to go get a dog that one of the kids had left at a neighbor's house.

J walked down the block and asked the man who answered the door for the dog. When he left to retrieve it, she saw Moore standing in the kitchen on his phone. J describes her upbringing as sheltered. She was raised mostly by her grandmother, who sought to protect her from the bullets and other violence on Milwaukee's north side where they lived. J's mother had been a teen mom — their fractured relationship has begun only recently to heal — and her father was in and out of prison for much of her life. What J didn't know was that Moore, according to federal prosecutors, already was learning how to be a pimp from his father and began grooming girls years earlier when he and his father prostituted Moore's year-old girlfriend.

After visiting relatives in the suburbs, she had forgotten to swing by her mother's house on Milwaukee's far northwest side to pick up her Burger King uniform. J, who was by then 18, texted him and asked for a ride. After they got her uniform, Moore asked if she wanted to go to a hotel. When they got to the hotel, he asked if she smoked marijuana. She had smoked just once before, when she was It made her dizzy and tired.

She told him she didn't like it, but he continued pressing until she relented. After that, Moore dropped by the house all the time. The couple became inseparable. He wooed J, taking her out to dinner and giving her rides to work. J racked up absences from school. In the mornings, she waved goodbye to her grandma, who assumed Moore was giving her a ride to the bus stop.

Instead, she spent all day with him. Moore took her to the Cheetah Club and she started stripping. She bounced from club to club in Milwaukee until they started traveling to Chicago and Gary, Ind. When she complained or got tired, Moore made her feel guilty and asked why she didn't love him. When she tried to leave him, he would threaten to kill himself. The couple mostly lived out of hotels, but if J stayed at her grandmother's house, he would park his car outside. He knew where her family members lived.

He Woman wants sex Milwaukee her phone. He controlled her life. The first time he suggested she sell herself, they were staying at a hotel and he told her to put on a T-shirt and pajama shorts. Experts say it is a classic example of the "Romeo" or "romance" pimp.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

Once a pimp is no longer able to control a woman through flirtation and loyalty, he escalates to physical force. She was terrified, and the man could tell. He gave her some money and kicked her out of his room. Later on, after she Woman wants sex Milwaukee sex acts for money, she would think, "it wasn't that bad; it's just sex" and "I'm doing this for him.

I'm doing this for us. J's life became a flurry of Back"dates," money and beatings. Moore began having sex with other women in front of her. He ordered her to have sex with other women and him. She often cried afterward. J said Moore sometimes slapped the other women, but never choked or spit on them, as he did to her. If J met a girl dancing, Moore encouraged her to bring the girl back to smoke marijuana and hang out at the hotel. She says she still feels guilty for involving other women. Get the money how I can get it.

Do what I have to do. The bottom is a pimp's main woman, the foundation of his business and the one who is the most trusted. The bottom recruits, trains and supervises other women who work as prostitutes for the pimp. She collects money and, at times, helps inflict punishment. J always sat in the front. Woman wants sex Milwaukee had called Moore by his nickname — "Finesse" often shortened to "Ness" — but soon added another. What she wanted was Moore. The lifestyle was a means to get him, and she said it consumed her, changing how she looked at the world.

And if the Packers are playing, I need to be in Green Bay, at this strip club, at this time in order to make this amount of money,'" she said. She watched from the front seat in March when Moore was shot in the head. The bullet, somehow, only grazed him. He drove to the hospital and J remembers a scan showing a sunburst of bullet fragments above his eyebrow. The shooter's sister was in Moore's stable, or roster of prostitutes. The man later told Milwaukee police he was upset because Moore had his sister "hoeing.

Three days after the shooting, J slipped out of their hotel room as soon as Moore took his pain medication and fell asleep. She moved to Arizona using money she had quietly set aside for more than a month, and lived with a cousin there. Her cousin had five children. At the restaurant, she became friends with a woman who had done some exotic dancing in the past, and "that was like fuel to my fire," J said.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

The two women started dancing at clubs in Arizona. J told her new friend they could make a lot more money at a club in Chicago. In late Julyabout four months after J arrived in Arizona, they headed north in a car J had bought. On Aug. Moore had come to the attention of law enforcement before, usually for domestic violence fights. Once he was arrested for having cocaine. This time, the police were looking for the year-old, who had run away from a group home in Stevens Point.

After Moore brought her to the hotel, J dyed the teen's hair blond, took photos of her and posted online for prostitution. Kinky — The officer thought the girl in the ad resembled the missing girl. He made an appointment, went to the hotel and arrested the girl, who identified herself as "Kinky" before giving her real name.

The girl told the officer that a man, whom she called "Daddy," and two women had just left.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

Moore and the women were arrested during a traffic stop later that day. The letter, written in while Moore's father was in prison, includes advice to Moore to always "bond" most closely with the prostitute who earns him the most money, not the one he likes the most; and says having one prostitute is close to having no prostitute.

J told police how she met Moore, became his girlfriend and began dancing at strip clubs, giving Moore her earnings. Three months later, they dismissed the charges. J said she was supposed to testify but was afraid to come to court, which may have contributed to the charges being dropped. In early January, a woman flagged down Milwaukee police officers and reported that a man and woman held her against her will and forced her to have sex with them.

The woman identified Moore and J as the suspects. Among J's possessions, federal agents found a brown notebook with pink flowers on the cover. Inside, J had made lists of strip clubs in Wisconsin, Illinois and Arizona. J spent the next year and a half in jail, facing federal sex trafficking charges.

Prosecutors gave her a choice that boiled down to "you're either with us or against us," she said. She told Woman wants sex Milwaukee her story and pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering by crossing state lines for prostitution. While J's court case was unfolding, she was held at the Waukesha County Jail.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

She was struck by the similarities she shared with fellow inmates who were addicted to heroin. Last summer, J was sentenced in federal court. She cried as she gave her statement, pausing several times to collect herself. I can't express how grateful I am to know that I have a second chance at life, no matter what today's outcome may be. She was sentenced to time served and two years of supervised release, the first of which was on house arrest with GPS monitoring. A few months ago, she saw a story on Facebook about the Convergence Resource Centera faith-based community service organization in Milwaukee that helps survivors of trafficking.

J went to the center, where she was connected to support groups, one-on-one mentoring and job readiness training. The center uses "Ending the Game," a curriculum written by Rachel Thomas and other survivors.

Woman wants sex Milwaukee

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