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Gabe Chaves finds Timmy Solomon, 28, sleeping on a piece of plastic behind a recycling bin in a San Clemente parking lot where you can hear the hum of traffic on the nearby freeway. The sun is setting on this late February afternoon and Timmy has goose bumps. A warm bed awaits at a sober living home in Whittier where he can detox.

After getting out of the hospital and being in a two-week induced coma for a throat abscess, Timmy is back on the street shooting up heroin and meth. He says he likes the feel of the needle, "to feel the tear, I like to see the blood. Timmy hunts for cans in the garbage and turns them in for cash at the recycling station to buy drugs. I never thought I'd be years old and sticking my hand in a fing trash barrel. It fing kills me.

It makes me want to fing die. I'm that fing miserable," he says. Timmy sleeps in a tent under a tree near a busy corner in San Clemente. He keeps a razor and a toothbrush and toothpaste in his backpack for when he takes 'birdbaths' in public restrooms. Today he catches his reflection in a mirror at a donut shop and pauses to smooth his messy hair. He says he's embarrassed when people he knows see him stoned on the streets.

Gabe Chaves, left, and Jeff Dougherty, dubbed the Junkie Hunter, center, find addicts on the street like Timmy, foreground, to get them into rehab through their organization Foundations for Recovery. Today their patience grows thin as Timmy stalls to get high after saying he would let them drive him to a sober living home in Whittier. Gabe Chaves, 37, left, is frustrated because he knows Timmy wants to get high one more time before heading off to detox at a sober living home in Whittier.

Gabe knows all the tricks. He was a heroin addict himself. Now he is a vegan and a Buddhist, sober a year-and-a-half. He does outreach on the streets of Orange County with Foundations for Recovery. I talk to them, share my story with them and offer them solutions. That's the boots on the ground marketing that we do," he says. Fresh off the streets, Timmy rifles through his backpack at the home of Jeff Dougherty, who calls himself Jeff the Junkie Hunter. On the other side of the wall sits John Kelleher, one of Dougherty's business partners.

They run Foundations for Recovery dedicated to finding addicts on the street and getting them into rehab. They claim they don't get kickbacks like body brokers. Timmy goes shopping with Manny Murillo, the house manager at his sober living home in Whittier. Murillo got out of Pelican Bay Prison a year ago after doing 13 years for running over a cop during a police chase while high on meth. He hopes to one day meet the officer he hit and apologize. He and his sober living housemates in Whittier are shuttled there daily.

Timmy says he wants to go to a hospital detox in San Clemente instead of detoxing at his sober living home. Described a feeling like " knives are poking through your skin," Timmy has had enough of detox and sneaks out of his sober living home to buy beer.

Timmy walks out of his sober living home to buy beer at a convenience store to take the edge off withdrawal. House owner Doug finds out and intercepts Timmy, who was standing in line to buy a ounce Bud Light. Doug talks him into going back to the house with him. Later that night Timmy climbs out his bedroom window and he back to the store where he gets three ounce cans and downs them before returning to the home. The owner shakes his head in disbelief and disappointment. Timmy checks on a housemate who appears unconscious at their sober living home. The roommate took too many pills and could barely function the entire day.

It Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits clear if the pills were legally prescribed or Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits he got them another way. The year-old was told to leave the next day. A cell phone picture shows Timmy passed out at what was supposed to be an outpatient therapy session. He had taken too much Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication, which had been prescribed to him while he was at a sober living home in Whittier.

This episode got him kicked out of the home. He took a bus back to the streets of San Clemente with another housemate who was also kicked out. Timmy uses a lighter to cook black tar heroin in the torn off bottom of a soda can that he found in the garbage. He usually does this several times a day in a public restroom. Looking for cans in the trash embarrasses him. On a wild day of drug use, Timmy ducks into a restroom at Sunset Park in Dana Point to shoot up again.

Timmy answers questions from two Orange County Sheriff deputies after getting high in a public park restroom. The Dana Point park is filled with children and their parents, and Timmy and his friend have aroused suspicion. The park is filled with children and their parents and he and a friend look out of place and arouse suspicion. When he leaves the bathroom two Orange County Sheriff deputies are waiting for them. Stoned and crying, Timmy hears a voice. A few days after getting kicked out of a sober living home in Whittier Timmy is back on the Streets of San Clemente, getting high.

Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits

He sweats profusely and his eyes roll back in his head after shooting up. Timmy peers into his tent, under a tree near a busy San Clemente corner. The camp is littered with junk, including shoes, a hookah and a piece of art depicting Archangel Michael, a warrior saint who battled the Devil. Timmy calls Blue Cross to find a rehab facility after his new insurance card arrives in the mail. His mother, who lives in Boston, is paying the premium.

After making several calls and leaving messages, the insurance provider finally tells Timmy to check himself into the emergency room at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach to wait for a bed on their detox floor. Five hours later he gets in. Timmy is giving sobriety yet another try on St. Patrick's Day, which also happens to be his mom Patty's birthday.

Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits

He approaches Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach. His family back in Boston takes comfort knowing that if he is found dead on the street someday they will be able to identify him because his last name is tattooed on his calf. Exhausted and coming down off crystal meth, Timmy waits for a bed at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach which has a detox unit. This is his 40th treatment center, by his count, in the last decade.

There he picks up a bottle containing 75 oxycodones, otherwise known as synthetic heroin. It's a Sunday but Timmy says his doctor was on call and prescribed it over the phone.

Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits

Bottle in hand, Timmy walks back to his sober living home, goes into the bathroom, crushes up six of the pills, mixes them with water and shoots them into his vein. Timmy Solomon lights a glass pipe of crystal meth in the bathroom of his sober living home in San Clemente. He closes the window and turns the shower to steaming hot to disguise the smell. He said he got the meth a few days earlier from another addict at their outpatient treatment center in San Juan Capistrano.

Less than an hour later his housemates call the house manager to report him being high.

Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits

A few hours later he's kicked out and sent to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach where he spends the night. Timmy manages more than a month of sobriety after detoxing at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach. He is in a San Clemente sober living home where he smoked crystal meth and shot oxycodone, prescribed by a doctor, in the bathroom.

He continuously checks under his bedroom door for eavesdroppers but no one is there. He will be kicked out of this home by nighttime.

Want fuck buddy 40 60 Fontana benefits

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