Want a sexy white guy

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My older sister has been calling me an Uncle Tom my entire life. Which means I, from an early age, began arming myself with language; and that I, from an early age, began crafting ways to double down on my right to desire white men. We were sitting in her car in December, parked in a lot that had once belonged to Little Rock's University Mall. But by the time I came of age, hip-hop had gifted explicit, outspoken materialism almost exclusively to black youth. To us, white folks dressed shabbily. The mall, therefore, was ours: It was the place where kids bought Jordans at the sneaker store — before and after Michael Jordan said nothing about the stickups we dodged to keep them.

Perhaps she feared that being so cavalier with white people would someday bring me harm, that they would recognize my zealous gaze as leering and want to punish me for objectifying them. Now I actually think you hate them. I certainly talked about race enough, over the years, to have earned her rebuke. I spent more time in the company of white people than anyone else in my family, and was never quite as wary. I had a more playful attitude when it came to race, wanted to toy with the ideas black people share about white people when in exclusively black company, in a way that betrayed both a deeper interest in whiteness and what it meant as an identity.

For years, I'd managed to convince myself that fetishizing whiteness was my form of protest — that by indulging my instinct to look at and desire white guys, I was affirming my right to have a perspective, and an appetite for something white men didn't want me looking at. Of course, you could look at white men the way the culture wanted you to — chiseled and perfect, or draped in the ifiers of a lower socioeconomic, or black, performance style.

But few seemed interested in what I actually found attractive about white guys — all that mundane, pale, unkempt suburbanity. Merrell hiking sneakers, Patagonia fleeces, and washed-out crewnecks indicated a distinct white boy unaffectedness that I discovered I had a taste for. The clothes and postures that made white guys unremarkable were the things I fetishized, my way of rejecting all of the fastidious grooming associated with both my black and gay identities.

Each new word or trope to describe that rarest of thing, the white male pinup, was like a relic — dad bod, normcore, Suburban White Dad, DILF — from my Want a sexy white guy golden age of male objectification, the s, when Chippendales and Playgirl and regional pro wrestling promotions made the sight of white guys posing in Speedos a giddy, bawdy, mutually understood joke. But I was never able to convince my sister that I was at work at something more impactful, or perhaps more sinister, than just ogling white guys. It felt like a triumph to Want a sexy white guy my sister admit that there might be more to my interest in whiteness than pure, uncritical affection.

That wanting a white guy to blow my back out made sense to my body, which longed for my mind to be free of race fatigue. But her words also terrified me. My sister had always served as a kind of race conscience for me. Her censure had always assured me I was at least still legible to the rest of the world; her new fear and confusion meant that something had actually changed in me.

The confusion on her face meant I could no longer rely on her as a measure of what I was becoming. About a decade and a half ago, while still in college, I began wondering if there were any ways to respond to whiteness other than righteous indignation. Could I engage whiteness, think about it, talk about it, and not necessarily be angered by it all the time? If I considered whiteness from the vantage of my own lived experience, I was more inclined to want to play with it, poke at it, wink at it maybe, and seduce it if I could.

Like so many before me, I fell for the rank, foreign British bodies in his Sons and Loversso pale beneath the smudges of black soot, and for the earthy masculinity of straight men wrestling nude on bearskin rugs in Women in Love. These depictions of rural England imprinted pale bodies befouled by streaks of soil in my mind forever, I think.

So I looked at white guys, a lot.

Want a sexy white guy

At parties I spoke about my desire loud enough to sound like a personal ad. I had no intention of doing any violence to my people; I just found it kind of hot when you framed abjection, getting fucked, whiteness, and abdicating power together. Speaking about wanting white guys at such a volume allowed me to push through the fear of coming out. And to make myself more comfortable, I intellectualized that desire — offered related texts, referenced social justice.

Once I made it to New York, I went looking for actual straight white bodies to explore. I imagined I would topple centuries of heteronormativity, that I would snare the lone straight white guy noble enough not to need marriage or legacy, choosing to love me instead. This would be our revolution. And so, rather than seek solidarity in gay spaces that seemed too white, or black gay spaces that seemed too femme, I pulled a reversal — sought entry into the whitest, straightest spaces I could find. Like a one-man rush committee for a good old boy fraternity, I solicited the attention of the most monied, most powerful — and yes, hottest — white guys in sight.

From the outset of any encounter, sex with straight white guys was two things: an apology for who I was not, and a rabid investigation into the root of this desire before the guy got too squeamish. Most of the time, sex happened without much notice, after cookouts in Brooklyn, the last holdouts after the sun had died but before the whiskey was finished. I was never quite sure.

Also, throughout, I had to hold back, not wanting to scare them off by letting my feelings show. Eventually, though, I Want a sexy white guy I had an appetite for little else. I knew enough to fear indulging the desire I felt for white guys.

Want a sexy white guy

That exploration would soon subsume both my creative and sex lives. I feared wasting the work of brilliant black minds who had spent decades dismantling the hegemony of whiteness. There was also the danger that someone would be offended, or wounded.

Want a sexy white guy

Going forward in the face of that danger meant finding pleasure in being abrasive. The real bodies in my life up until then were black bodies, some of whom were already having children as I was just beginning to come to terms with my own body and sexuality. That scared and kind of embarrassed me; to compensate, I imagined myself among white people. I know black bodies more intimately, their spit and piss and shit and blood, and so I stowed my own body within a white fantasy world, away from the homophobic ridicule I imagined the flesh-and-blood black folks around me held in store.

Something akin to friend-zoning happens when I meet black men, gay or straight. My sister now had to share a room with my grandmother, transitioning to the twin beds my brother and I had used before. For the next three years, until my grandmother died, we slept this way. In the moment, she took it gamely. But my grandmother forced my brother and I, and our burgeoning bodies, into close proximity — his approaching and then entering puberty while I still wet the bed, just a roll away.

I came to know family as this: bodies failing one another and the shame attached to that. Has he stood in the way of my learning to eroticize black men? After all, most black men I meet resemble my brother in some way. Perhaps I am the only black man in history to whom all other black men look alike. Although something about this anecdote with my brother and the bed feels too pat, I wonder. Whatever else this memory can tell me, it indicates how important, and pained, my connections to family and community have been.

I later learned to do my community the favor of withholding Want a sexy white guy sexuality, performing this chivalrous act for straight black women on the watch for DL bamboozling. By keeping my desire quarantined to white guys, by tamping down the prepubescent crushes for husbands and uncles and d in my neighborhood or my church, I was maintaining community.

For me, for some time, self-denial and love of community were one and the same. I want to forget that history, but the body takes longer in its forgetting, I think. The early strategies I derived for pleasure — or to avoid pain and shame — still determine my affections. I marveled at how well his plucky, gap-toothed smile transitioned between sadistic jock stud Chet in Weird Science to galactic GI Joe stud Pvt. Hudson in Aliens ; I googled shots of his middle-aged ass thrusting for the patriarchy while navigating the perilous space between the bedrooms of his sister wives in Big Love.

It was maybe the first time I could truly lust in peace, assured that black men were somewhere getting their due in the world and that I wasn't needed to fill the quota. I laugh along with Eudora Peterson and Phoebe Robinsontwo black female comedians in New York, as they detail the travails of black women acknowledging their romantic attachments to white guys, knowing the betrayal they believe themselves to be making, and the giddy excitement they feel in making it. I read confessionals from black people with histories of interracial relationships, some of which sound guiltysome defensive.

Whiteness affords its bearers the ability to slum. With it, one can withstand being a bit nasty — think motocross, muddin', Mad Max the old one AND the new one — because of what the Western mind makes of whiteness. Getting nasty, of course, is hot. Nonchalance is hot. If you close your eyes and try to run fast enough, you too can sometimes feel like a part of the pack, your howl to theirs.

Playing wolves is also hot. White people gone native doing stuff outdoors — when viewed from the comfort of indoors — is hot. The popular opinion in my mostly black communities has always been that white people were vaguely dirty; I now understood why that idea had long excited, not repulsed, me. Not even the sting of that barb could subdue me. Videos like these shored up what I knew: that my own sexual desire for white men was born of a drive to destabilize power. Processing what it meant to abdicate to power, to survive it, to transfigure it, was useful to me. I feel affirmed, sometimes haughty, at how adroitly I look at whiteness.

The smirk on my face telegraphs that I Want a sexy white guy I am owed this spectacle. But is it true that our skin color makes us a distinctive race? Nasty remarks about race and class were part of our special brand of humor. On nights when we lay awake in bed, I often teased Henri into telling me nigger jokes.

It began to seem as though there were a phantom black history out there, visible to me, but just barely. And if I wanted to reveal more, maybe I had to stack the old guard —. Maybe Huey and Audre, too. When I indulge this fantasy, I wonder if those flames will finally catch me, make me feel sorry this time — or feel something — as I look over this legacy. All that's left is fatigue with both, a fog in my head I just wish would clear. Sometimes I just wanted to immolate the entire thing — the whole project of loving my community.

Though I wouldn't have admitted it throughout my twenties, I think I believed that someday, a straight-acting white boy would hear me and step forward to recognize the value of my intellect, flattered by my fawning.

Want a sexy white guy

If not to choose me, then at least to touch on me a little. And I believed that would be enough to buffer me from the world.

Want a sexy white guy

I know I believed that because of what I feel now, in his absence — regret over the time I lost on fantasizing, bitterness when I realize how much of a party favor I actually was. Realizing that, I worry that it's too late to try to muster any enthusiasm for communities where I might have fit in more readily. And why would they want me anyway, at this point? I've been way less successful than some of my fellow snow qweenz at securing white daddiesmy former black militant body and disposition never quite able to pull off twink successfully. I inherited from my mother, or maybe from my grandmother, a want to hunker down and hum our way through trouble, the stubborn will to leave problems unacknowledged rather than face treatment head on.

My mother does this through religion. I do it through liquor. I fear I'm sick from stories that were intended for someone else; I think I gorged myself on preservatives and sweeteners my body now cannot process. But I still want to be recognizable to her, and loved by her. Contact Frederick McKindra at frederick.

Want a sexy white guy

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