Phoenixville PA housewives personals

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In search of someone worth while Our chats could be casual, humorous, flirtatious, sexual, or all of the above, just be yourself. Oh where Oh Where did all the real men go?

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

Actions speak louder than typed words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Ideal Person:I am looking for someone who is fun and adventurous. Someone who knows how to please but also know when to listen to what a woman is telling them and go with it; because a woman knows her body best and I promise it will all be worth your while in the end.

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

I want someone who is not into a relationship but also isn't into just a one night stand. Someone who I can spend a weekend with, go outenjoy each others company, and enjoy each others bodies but when Sunday night comes can go home and not worry about attaching any strings. Cause I may not see you again for a few weeks. But when we are together it is good. I also need someone who is confident with themselves and is not uncomfortable hanging out with gay men. I know. I'm a strong woman emotionally, feeling petite and sweet compensates a bit for me. In the size matters area. Comfort is the key.

Too large is no good. Small for sure is out no pun intended. A sharp mind Looking for a Fun with a pinky full of class at least. Gentlemen and you others I would appreciate face pictures instead of cock shots.

I realize men are very proud of their members, but if you read my profile you will find, yes I am shallow to a certain extent. Looking for a sexual partner is tough, I might please your eyes, will you please mine? So if you only have an explicit shot as a main, I would appreciate a face picture with your first correspondence.

Why waste your time and mine I'm reading this and it sounds callous. So be it. I like to dress up to the 10's once in awhile. I will get some teasers on here as well. Phoenixville PA housewives personals em coming back for more I am now part of a couple, so will be looking for couples mainly, if your a single male or female and can have play partners with you, wonderful. I am looking for a very special woman to help make the FMF a reality for us. I can meet in a bar close to West Chester,PA, I want to meet someone that is confident and creative and able to plan a fun date and hold a interesting conversation.

Personality, honesty, and sincerity will go along way with me. I am looking to meet attractive and open minded men and women.

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

I only meet in public places if you are not able to meet in a public place there is no need for us to talk. I am not looking for a one night stand or a fast hookup. I want to be friends first. My Ideal Person:Romantic, Caring,gentle, good looking!

Someone who's Sensual! Someone who knows how to be a Gentlaman in the bedroom and will let me get comfortable with him before we proced and not rush me.

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

If all your looking for is a one time deal let me know up front! Hello my friend Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back! Are you ready to meet in West Chester,PA, right now? Bi fun female My Ideal Person:I would like to chat to females. I like people who can take the occasional joke I think you should always be yourself and be liked for what you really are and not some act.

I shall look forward to talking to you soon! I Love to have Fun I just bought my "best-friend" the best birthday present, EVER!! She will finally understand what it means to have a "clitoral-stimulated" orgasm! Her very first sex toy!! She and her husband have been married for five years, and they have a three year old son. In my eyes, things may just be getting a little bit stale, for lack of a better word.

He is often "too tired" to have sex, make love, or just plain fuck, while she herself is dying from sexual craveings and desires, like there is nothing else!

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

So I was a good friend, and guided her through the first toy buying experience. I showed her the ropes, and altough I know that she probably could have went to the store and bought it herself, I wanted her to have a little insight. We have a close, but straight friendship, so talking about sex and porn is normal for us.

I am one who has tried many, and found very few to the likeing. I wanted to make sure that she got something that would do the trick, and not waste hundreds on useless toys. Just like a friend should do! I gave her some pointers, like what to do. I told her it was her choice, but I recommended that she not show her husband, just yet, even though he knew. I thought it would be good for her to explore herself, get to know herself, and then show her husband what she could do.

Just to avoid awkward moments, even though they have been together for so long. Learning to explore together is just as good, and it opens up the lines of communication in the bedroom.

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

Which is a great thing, since that is where we all end up at some point! I myself picked up some new play things, and I cant wait to try them out!! I consider myself a master in knowing how to arouse and get myself off. I also like to use toys in the bedroom with my partners, although it has made some of them nervous or even feel inferior, thinking I liked my vibrator more than them, and what, didnt they please me? Of course it feels great to have the real thing,I would never trade a real cock for a fake one, and even I have been nervous about useing them with new partners.

Just because there is a buzzing comeing from the south, doesnt mean I dont like his cock, it just means it will be more enjoyable for the both of us. And he may like it more than he thinks. So any men that are afraid, or unenlightened, about sex toys, dont be, embrace Phoenixville PA housewives personals. It can only get better! I hope for my friends sake that her husband does, and at least now on those nights when he is out of comission, she can slip her hand into the night stand, and pull out something, that is as close to the real thing as it gets, and will calm the burn from within!

Have a great day everyone! I am going to play! They dont have a mood to fit me, so I am makeing up my own!!

Phoenixville PA housewives personals

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Phoenixville PA housewives personals

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