Japan penis lover

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Sada Abe also left carved out a message on her lover's leg written in blood in a shocking murder that became a national sensation in Japan nearly years ago.

Japan penis lover

The Japanese couple often carried out erotic asphyxiation on each other as part of their adventurous sex life - but one morning Abe purposely strangled her love in a hotel room and cut off his penis and testicles. The murder, which took place on the morning of May 18,became a national sensation in Japan and when Abe was put on trial the courthouse was awash with inquisitive members of the public. More than eight decades later her story still gathers interest - but why did she kill a man she claimed to love so much?

But since we were Japan penis lover husband and wife, as long as he lived he could be embraced by other women. The infamous murderer was born in an upper middle-class family in Tokyo in and was the seventh of eight children. She had a privileged upbringing but after she was raped at the age of 14 she became out of control which resulted in her parents selling her to a 'geisha house' three years later. Abe had shown a lot of interest in the world of geishas so her mum and dad believed this could be the way to get her life back in order.

Back then a geisha girl was seen as glamorous celebrity but in order to become one of the best ones, who did not sleep with men, you would have to have been trained from a very early age. She wasn't enjoying the restrictions of living in a geisha house so she left and became a d prostitute. However she gained a reputation of being 'troublesome' after she was found to have stolen money from some of her customers. It was while she was working in a brothel that she first became a mistress to a married man who was a friend of the bordello's owner.

But her lover mistreated her - and unhappy with her life - Abe left the brothel and started working at a restaurant instead. He Japan penis lover known as a womaniser and the pair are said to have had such great sexual chemistry that they often holed themselves in a hotel room for several days. Abe had used the knife she had hacked off her lover's penis with to carve the message on his body. After the murder Abe had planned to commit suicide so checked herself into a hotel under a fake name where she spent a day writing farewell letters to her friends.

Abe never managed to carry out her suicide plans as she was arrested by police who had tracked her down to the hotel. After Abe served her prison sentence she wrote cashed in her notoriety to become a mini-celebrity and penned her autobiography "A Woman Called Sada Abe". In English singer Chaz Jankel recorded the song Ai No Corrida using the title of the movie - the same track was recorded a year later by Quincy Jones.

The story of her murdering and mutilating her lover has been reenacted in various films, books and even music projects to this day.

Japan penis lover

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Japan penis lover

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Japan penis lover

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