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Claude AnShin Thomas needed many years in order to come to terms with his terrible experiences in the Vietnam War — a process that continues today. Encountering Buddhism allowed him a different understanding of our human suffering and the path to libearation. How do you experience this? Claude AnShin Thomas: I think, we can only work with pain and suffering on a personal basis, because the experience is personal. As a Zen Buddhist monk my thinking is influenced by Zen practices, but this understanding of the world and of my life existed long before I came in contact with Zen practice.

Zen practice just gave me a language to more clearly articulate the reality of karma. Karma means that for every cause there is an effect. In my case, my great-grandfather was a soldier, my grandfather was a soldier, my father was a soldier, and I became a soldier. I believed that I wanted to be a soldier but I was unaware of the truth of inherited Fuck buddy Claude Road.

Some people who do not understand the laws of Karma would say that karma is fatalism. This is a misunderstanding. Fatalism means that you cannot change your life-course. Karma is not this. Karma can be changed, if I am willing to wake up to how the past generations and how the collective conscious live in me.

To wake up to the behaviors, the ideas that I have inherited can only happen if I commit to this process of waking up. What to do with this awareness is not complicated. I simply live differently. I stop acting in ways that are harmful to myself and others. I not only cultivate thinking differently, I learn how to live differently because the dilemmas presented by inherited Karma cannot be resolved intellectually.

We can come up with all sorts of theories and ideas, but we can not think ourselves into a new way of living; we must life ourselves into a new way of thinking. The way contemporary Fuck buddy Claude Road deals with pain and suffering is to make every effort to get rid of them. But this is impossible. Therefore I concentrate not only on the people who are engaged in war and violence, who directly experienced trauma, but also with the subsequent generations.

He was affected and how that manifested itself within the family dynamic is then passed on to your parents and then on to you. It is imperative for us to be willing to accept the reality that these realities exist. The consequences of these inherited patterns though are not the responsibility of others. They are not external therefore the solutions are not external. The solutions to coming to terms with our inherited suffering rest with the individual.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

So, when we want the world to be different, then we must be willing to live differently. CT: Before engaging with the world, or while I am engaging with the world, I have to first establish a relation with myself. I need some sort of process to identify that for my life I am responsible. The suffering and the pain in my life are my responsibility. It is important for me to accept, that the problems are not external and the solutions are not external, even though there are problems that show themselves externally and promise external solutions. You can buy hundreds of books that can give you the 10 or 15 steps to take in order to free yourself from suffering.

In the end these are merely band aids. One year I was visiting Salzburg, Austria.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

I was walking on the streets of Salzburg and passed a bookshop. There was a book in the window. It is important to reach a point where we understand that all experiences contain all things, both positive and negative, good and bad. To reach this understanding, first we need to want to reach this understanding.

Then we need a disciplined spiritual practice that is rooted in self-reflection. Then it would be important for us to do this with a group of like-minded people who are supported by an authentic someone who has walked this path before them. Buddhist practice provided this to me. It supported me to understand the interconnected reality of all of this. How do I care for myself and other people? How do I care for the things in my life that support me, for instance the house, the space that I live in? How do I care for the dishes that hold the food that nourishes me?

How do I care for the relations with the people in the Fuck buddy Claude Road store? How do I care for my relations to the people I encounter on the streets? This is an important piece to this process of waking up to the point of a disciplined spiritual practice. It is important to know that spiritual practice and daily life are not two things.

My life is full of relations that reflect back to me the nature of the Karma that I have inherited.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

A big change for you occurred when you met the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and his community in the ies. What opened up for you in this encounter with a Buddhist teacher and community? I had to stop all of that, because as long as I was altering my mind or my physicality, I was trapped in the idea that my solution Fuck buddy Claude Road external.

In the process of stopping, I began to be able to understand how my thinking, my views of myself and the world around me were shaped by the unhealthy dynamics in my family. It was through this process that I began to be able to establish a different relation with the patterns that were passed on to me and how they were manifesting in my life.

At this point I could begin to do something different with those patterns. While all of this work was important, I had not yet come to terms with how I was affected by my service in the war. In this process of wanting to wake up to the pain and suffering in my life — to live differently, it was suggested that I go to a meditation retreat being facilitated for other soldiers.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

I went. This retreat happened to be facilitated by the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. The retreat was from a Wednesday through to a Sunday. It was a very challenging experience for me. It was a retreat in silence, and in silence I could not escape my suffering.

At the end of this retreat I was invited to come to their community in France, where I lived day to day in social settings with Vietnamese people. There were not only monks, but because of the social and cultural role that Buddhism plays in some parts of Asia, a lot of Vietnamese immigrants who were living in France and Europe used this monastic community as social gathering place.

So, I was in the middle of a Vietnamese community, which gave me an even deeper awareness of how I was affected by my service in the war and the kind of suffering I have inflicted on others, all of this growing out Fuck buddy Claude Road my lack of awareness, out of the Karma that I inherited. Rather it was a meditation practice with the intention to control my mind. It was in this retreat that I was introduced to the meditation practice of awareness, rooted in Buddhist teachings that put me in a position to open my mind by not controlling it, but simply getting to know it more intimately.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

It was in this monastery that I was being introduced to a disciplined spiritual practice rooted in self reflection, and I realized meditation is a way of living. I was introduced into the breath by being still. Through just concentrating on my breath I could become aware of how my intellect functions and how the intellect is influenced by the Karma I have inherited and that I have created.

What changed? CT: I became more aware of how much suffering I had inflicted on not only the Vietnamese people but on the earth itself. The process of awakening can feel at times excruciatingly painful and disorienting as I am conditioned to see myself in a certain way. Through this process, I just became more vulnerable. So, walking is meditation, eating is meditation, working is meditation and brushing teeth is meditation. Everything is an opportunity to practice.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

What I pass along to people is that if you come to a meditation retreat looking for what you call peace or escape from your suffering, then you will be disappointed, because sitting on a cushion is like sitting on a bomb.

The more silence this practice will bring to your life the more suffering has a chance to show itself.

Fuck buddy Claude Road

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